New Students

We welcome new and visiting students, as well as interested observers. If you would like to participate, please arrive 15 minutes early so you can sign a waiver. The dojo is located in Kerns Neighborhood, 336 NE 28th Ave.

What will it be like?

Please arrive 15 minutes early, you can change into your workout clothes and then will get a tour of the dojo and we will go over the basics you will need to know to take class. We warm up as a group for 5 minutes, then practice for the rest of the hour. You will be shown how to fall safely. This part of the practice is called ukemi. The art of falling is, believe it or not, more important than throwing.

What should I wear?

Loose pants and a t-shirt that you feel comfortable falling down and rolling in are fine for your first class. The standard uniform is a keikogi; students may purchase one from the dojo.

What if I’m out of shape or uncoordinated?

We have all been there. If you can walk up and down a flight of stairs, you can do Aikido. Compassion for self and others is one of the key components to the Aikido we do. The Bridgetown Aikido style of teaching gives one the freedom to progress at their own pace. It is the core of how we teach and train together.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?

Your trial class with us is $20. After that, ongoing tuition is $145 per month.