Studies have shown that people with learning differences such as ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), when faced with learning a physical/mental discipline such as martial arts, the brain begins to develop new pathways, and to use those pathways more efficiently than it did before. Many people are able to reduce their dosage of medication or quit taking it altogether.

Our classes are always based on lots of repetition. Everything that we do from warm-ups to self-defense drills is developed to enhance focus, reflexes and induce second nature reactions overtime. Below, are some of the methods we adopt to ensure kids with ADD/ADHD benefit the same way as kids who don’t have any learning difference.

  • Kids are generally paired up with a teammate closer in size and we learn techniques in short sessions depending on the task assigned by the Instructor. This keeps the kids focused on their task long enough to learn and improve their skill, yet short enough where they won’t get bored or distracted.
  • Consistency in class rules. Every student must obey a set of rules while in class. Since bowing to greeting each instructor on the mat, to asking permissions for water, bathroom, ask questions and so on. This ensures everyone sets the example for everyone. Often these kids will resist any change and inconsistent rules, but since we’re extremely strict in enforcing them, consistency will be accepted overtime.
  • With our staff’s experience in learning and teaching Martial Arts since at a young age ourselves, we’re able to incorporate different methods to get our point across. This facilitates anyone with a learning disability to capitalize and improve their skill.
  • We can transform a technique drill into an “exercise” drill. The kids think they are playing a game when in reality they are drilling the moves in a fun set up, where they continue to practice and improve.
  • Although our classes are extremely disciplined, we are very supportive and motivational as far as their achievements go. Compliments when the tasks are done properly are a huge inspiration to anyone, and so we always offer our sincere praises when they accomplish something they have been working hard towards.